“Youth in global climate governance: origins, motivations, impact” – 28 March 2024


While youth are very active worldwide, protesting in the streets, for climate change, we have very few academic studies about their involvement in international climate negotiations. This is even more surprising that youth’s involvement in international processes is far from being self-evident. It rather represents an academic puzzle that should be clarified.

This talk precisely aims at exploring this academic puzzle. Who are the youth involved in international climate processes? What are their motivations? Do they have an impact on international climate talks? On the basis of a comprehensive database on youth participation in climate Conferences of the Parties; of about 200 interviews with youth actors in these processes; and of fieldwork observations, this talk aims at detailing the answers to each of these questions, one by one.

Amandine Orsini is Professor of international relations at the UCLouvain Saint-Louis and member of the CReSPo – Research Center in Political Science.