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Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences

A solid understanding of europe in all its aspects

The Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science combines multidisciplinary teaching and extensive methodological training. It provides students with a solid grounding in general culture through social sciences courses and varied introductory classes. Students also acquire technical and specialised know-how about Europe. From the first year onwards, courses are taught in English and French with the possibility of learning two other modern languages.

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Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations

A solid analytic and critical understanding of global politics

The Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations is a comprehensive multidisciplinary programme that provides students with a solid analytical and critical understanding of international politics. The challenges involved in armed conflicts and peacekeeping, political violence and terrorism, economic growth and inequality, the environment, energy and migration lie increasingly beyond the regulatory scope of states and are raising a growing number of political and ethical issues for the future of the world. Global politics are so deeply embedded in historical, economic and legal structures, institutions and processes that they cannot be analysed from a single disciplinary perspective.

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Master’s in International and Security Politics

The politics of violence and uncertainty

The master’s degree in International and Security Politics focuses on key international security issues generated by armed conflict, terrorism, climate change and transnational migration across the world. At the intersection of defense policy, economics, peacekeeping, and international relations, this training program provides a strong understanding of how public and private actors address these issues and try to solve them, as well as expertise for analyzing contemporary forms of conflicts and hostility, locally as well as globally.

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Master’s in Global and European Politics

Europe and the EU in a changing world

Our interdisciplinary master’s programme in Global and European Politics is an advanced postgraduate degree focusing on the political, social and philosophical dimensions underpinning the European Union, its governance, its place and role in world politics. By exploring the multi-level interaction between public actors (Member States, EU institutions, etc.) and private actors (companies, networks, NGOs, etc.) in Europe, the programme provides students with a thorough knowledge of the formal and informal rules of European affairs and of the conflicts that shape them, but also the necessary know-how to understand and act upon European politics. This degree is designed for future professionals in European and world politics.

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Master’s in Food Politics and Sustainable Development

The politics of eating and producing food

Food is a critical issue in today’s global and European politics. The regulation of agriculture, food distribution, public health, environment and sustainable development are some of the issues covered by ESPOL’s master’s degree in Food Politics and Sustainable Development. This unique training programme in France, combining theory and practice, allows students to gain a better understanding of the issues related to the politics of food and farming, and acquire the skills necessary to access key professional positions in public and private organisations.

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Programme in European Politics

This is an advanced programme focused on the regulation of contemporary societies in a globalised world. It reflects major political issues but as well their resolution. Moreover, it offers courses focused on the regulation of International politics at the European and Global levels during which students will acquire the knowledge and the skills required to understand and influence the world of tomorrow.

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