Oliwia BARAN

Head of Development


“ESPOL strongly encourages innovative and vocationally-oriented student initiatives (creating a school newspaper, organisation of round tables on recent political events, training in public speaking, meetings and debates on current topics) by giving students its support to develop their ideas and design their projects.”



The Student Union, known as the “BDE” (Bureau des Étudiants), represents students in relation to the school administration. The role of the BDE is also to participate in the life of the school, through various initiatives and activities (parties, lectures, travel and leisure, humanitarian actions and so on). 



The MUN delegation is a society set up by ESPOL students with the purpose of representing the school in various MUN sessions organised throughout Europe. The delegation is of course open to all ESPOL students interested in this project!




Created in 2015, the purpose of this society is to integrate foreign students arriving at ESPOL. How? By organising a “buddies system”, introducing students to the region and French culture and helping them out with administrative procedures upon their arrival in France.

Contact : cosmopol.asso@gmail.com




Espol Junior Consulting is a non-profit specialised in economic development. It functions according to the same principle as public affairs consulting firms. Our students make use of the knowledgeand practices they have acquired during their studies at Espol for the benefit of cases submitted by our clients. The areas of expertise of our “student-experts” encompass: Legal and legislative watch, Analysis and evaluation of public policies, Management of religious activities.


ESPOL’ART (Arts office)

ESPOL’art is the school in charge of artistic activities. It promotes cultural life at the school through activities such as theatre, painting or cinema.



“Révolte-toi ESPOL” is a student society which promotes Public speaking and rhetoric in association with the “French Federation of Debate”. 30 active members of “Révolte-toi ESPOL” are organizing exercises and trainings every week in order to prepare the yearly French Debate Championship and diverse meetings with other universities.

“Révolte-toi ESPOL” is also one of the three founding associations of the “Fédération Francophone de Débat du Nord” (facebook page), which is the northern antenna of the “Fédération Francophone de Débat”.

Open to everyone, “Révolte-toi ESPOL” endorses the “FFD” motto: “You are not born a public speaker, you become one”.


LE CANARI – ESPOL’s journal

“Le Canari” is ESPOL’s weekly web journal. Readers will find several headings related to the political sciences, but also sections dealing with wide-ranging topics. The purpose of the journal is, of course, to inform, enlighten and entertain its readers, but also to highlight the abilities of its members by nurturing their interest in journalism, current affairs, writing and especially critical thinking on various subjects. Although commitment is a must, the newspaper is first of all a society and everyone is welcome to participate! 



ESPOL Défense is a student society at Espol Lille for students interested in the strategic domain of defence, the military, economic warfare, cyber security, crisis communication and crisis management. In conjunction with our partners it also organises visits to strategic sites and real-world simulations. 


The BDS (Sports office)

The ESPOL Sports Office is in charge of sport and physical activity. Various activities are organised regularly, including jogging, football and skating. The BDS ESPOL also works in coordination with other sports offices as well as with the University for the promotion of sport within each institution. “Mens Sana in corpore sano” is the motto of BDS ESPOL.



In June 2015, ESPOL celebrated its first graduating year. In May 2015 these “future alumni” took the initiative of creating an Alumni Association, “Alumni ESPOL”, which now holds an annual end of the year academic gala. Alumni ESPOL aims to network former ESPOL students and especially to maintain their links with the school. We want our ESPOL graduates to remain strongly attached to their school and to care about its future.

Contact : alumniespol@univ-catholille.fr



AEGEE is one of Europe’s biggest interdisciplinary student organisations, strivingfor a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe. As a non-governmental, politically independent, and non-profit organisation AEGEE is open to students and young people from all faculties and disciplines. Founded in 1985 in Paris, today AEGEE has grown to a Network of 13000 friends, present in 200 cities in 40 countries all over Europe. Through our activities, we empower students and young people in Europe to take an active role in society. We create a space for dialogue and learning opportunities as well as act as their representative towards decision-makers. AEGEE strengthens mutual understanding among young Europeans and brings Europe closer to young people.



“Let’s Talk – ESPOL” is a student association organising debates about gender questions. Its goal is to create a safe forum for discussion, dynamised by its diversity.


The Campus

Our campus is situated at the heart of the city of Lille. You will find everything you need for your daily life, your studies, your hobbies and so on.


The Campus has its own University Library, which covers all the study fields of ESPOL, with more than 400,000 books, accessible especially online thanks to our libraries network. For more information : http://lol.univ-catholille.fr/


You need a housing solution for next semester or even during the school year ? The AEU, namely the Student Service Association offers about 15 students residences both within and close to the campus, depending on your preference.


There are a lot of food options. Our campus offers 9 different cafeterias (self-campus, fast-food, pasta, sandwiches…) open for lunch and dinner.


You will also be able to meet doctors, psychologists and gynaecologists on campus thanks to the CPSU, the Student Health Center. For more information: http://www.docvadis.fr/cpsu/index.html

Sports associations

Moreover, the AEU offers many sports activities, in group (team sports, classes…) or alone (gym). For more information: http://www.asso-aeu.fr/en/

Career Centre

You have questions about your career plans? Come visit the Career Centre in the main building of the University. They can help you hunt for a job or internship and advise you on options.


Finally, for students who are seeking for a place of spirituality, prayers and meetings, the Chaplaincy of the University (l’Aumônerie de la Catho) offers daily activities every week (mass, adoration, confessions, debates, conferences and meals) within the chaplaincy building. For more information : https://www.facebook.com/AumonerieUniversiteCatholiqueDeLille

Our campus is in the middle of the quartier Vauban. With its 50 hectares of green spaces, it is the greenest district of Lille. The Catholic University is 5 minutes walk from the Citadelle park, the Bois de Boulogne (another park) and the Zoo. We are also 5 minutes away from the Palais Rameau (an historical monument and exhibition place), 10 minutes away from the Fine Arts museam (le Palais des Beaux Arts) and the Opera and 15 minutes away from the TGV and Eursotar train stations (Gare Lille Flandres and Gare Lille Europe)

To move in and around the city, Lille has a considerable transportation system that will facilitate all your trips, thanks to the 2 metro lines, 2 tramway lines, more than 90 bus lines and more than 5,500 V’Lille (self-service bikes). You will find 3 metro stations around the campus, running on both lines (Cormontaigne, Port de Lille and Gambetta) and several V’Lille stations, not mentioning the many bus stations just in front of the ESPOL building. For more information : http://uk.transpole.fr/

For more information on the public transport network Transpole :

To search for a route :


Visit the campus of the Catholic University of Lille and get to know ESPOL during our Doors Open Days (02/02 and 09/03) and Immersion Days (21/11 and 27/02) !

Lille, THE student city par excellence

Lille and its 87 municipalities form a cross-border, cosmopolitan and eclectic European city of more than one million inhabitants. At the crossroads of Europe, Lille is located 1 hour from Paris, 40 minutes from Brussels and 90 minutes from London by train.


With more than 100,000 students, Lille is one of the youngest cities in France: 36% of its population is under 25. Morover, in the area around the Catholic University of Lille, the quartier Vauban, one inhabitant out of two is under 25.
As a cultural metropolis, Lille buzzes with artistic activity: Lille Opera, Lille National Orchestra, concert venues, the Ballet du Nord and many museums. In addidtion, Lille has over 20 theatres.
Virtually every evening, the city offers more than 100 different events.


Lille is only 1 hour far from Paris by TGV, 30 minutes from Brussels and 90 minutes from London. The city’s staunchly international outlook is reflected in the organisation of numerous events with an international scope, such as the World Forum, lille3000, the UEFA Europa League and the really famous Braderie de Lille in September that attracts around 3 million people from all around the world each year and dates all the way back to the 12th century!


Listed as a city of Art and History, Lille has preserved many buildings from its past that bear witness to wide-ranging artistic influences from the Middle Ages to 19th-century industrial development. From gothic to classical, Flemish Renaissance and Art Nouveau, its untypical out exciting architecture is a delight for the eyes!