Shoshana FINE

Associate Professor of Political Science

Shoshana FINE

Associate Professor of Political Science


Shoshana Fine joined ESPOL in January 2021 as an Associate Professor in Political Science.

Her research centres on diplomacy, international organisations and European migration policies. Her research is rooted in a practice approach to world politics and in a concern for its symbolic dimension.  She has recently published the monograph: Borders and Mobility in Turkey: Governing Souls and States, Palgrave (2018) as well as numerous articles on this subject appearing in journals such as Security Dialogue, Cultures & ConflictsPolitique européenne and the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. 

Shoshana holds a doctorate in political science and international relations from Sciences Po Paris (2016) and was visiting scholar at the University of Columbia in 2015 and the French Institute for Anatolian Studies in 2013. She also holds an MA in European Studies from Sciences Po and the University of Bath and a BA in Sociology from the University of Sussex.

Fine is also fellow at Institut Convergences Migrations.

Languages spoken: English and French



  • Diplomacy, Negotiation, Mediation
  • Model United Nations
  • International Political Sociology
  • Borders, Boundaries and Migration



  • Diplomacy,
  • International Organisations,
  • Migration and borders



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