Joseph Earsom

Associate Professor in Environmental and Climate Policy

Joseph Earsom

Associate Professor in Environmental and Climate Policy


Joseph Earsom is Associate Professor in Environmental and Climate policy at ESPOL.

His research focuses on the international governance of climate change, with a particular emphasis on how states and other actors, such as the European Union, navigate the many institutions handling different aspects of the broader climate crisis.

Joseph holds a MSc. in European Politics & Policies from the KU Leuven (Belgium) and a PhD in political science from the UCLouvain (Belgium; title: Connecting the dots? The European Union’s diplomacy across the international regime complex on climate change). During his PhD, he was a visiting scholar at the Institute of Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado – Boulder (USA). He has served as a research consultant at the WTO on a project regarding virtual negotiations. In addition, he has volunteered his expertise for several capacity buildings projects for multilateral environmental negotiations. He is also a scientific collaborator within the Institut de sciences politiques – Louvain Europe at the UCLouvain.

Languages spoken: English, French, Dutch

Courses taught:

  • Green Political Theory
  • The European Green Deal
  • European Environmental Governance
  • International Environmental and Climate Governance

Specific research interests:

  • International climate governance
  • European climate diplomacy
  • Regime complexity
  • Decarbonising transport
  • Bureaucratic politics