Guidelines for the Admission of ESPOL Associate Researchers

Guidelines for the Admission of ESPOL Associate Researchers

ESPOL welcomes researchers to become associated with the School and, more specifically, with ESPOL-LAB, our Research Centre. The following guidelines specify the status of Associate Researcher at ESPOL and detail the admission procedure.

1. Objectives

The association of researchers aims to enrich the academic and intellectual life at ESPOL. We invite researchers with a scientific profile matching the research topics pursued at ESPOL to join us as Associate Researchers.

2. Responsibilities

Associate researchers make an active contribution to ESPOL and ESPOL-LAB. This may take the form of research collaborations with the ESPOL staff, like joint publications, joint organisation of scientific and other events, joint project applications, various networking activities, etc. Other contributions may include contributions to the ESPOL-LAB séminaire général, conferences, brown-bag lunch events, etc. Associate researchers may also contribute to the teaching at ESPOL. We invite associate researchers to regularly spend some time at ESPOL.

ESPOL provides the associate researcher with an office/desk work space and a University research infrastructure (internet access, email and other computing services, access to library, access to benefits from ESPOL’s institutional EPCR membership, use of University health services, use of recreational facilities).

ESPOL does not provide any scholarship or other financial remuneration to the associate researcher. Associate researchers must abide by all policies and applicable laws of the Université Catholique de Lille.

General issues, e.g. related to visa, health insurance etc. need to be sorted out by the associate researcher. Associate researchers are required to adhere to established scientific standards in their work.

The use of the ESPOL affiliation and logo is restricted to work that is related to the associate researcher’s activities at ESPOL. Its use is in turn prohibited for articles or other expressions of opinion, e.g. in the general media.

At the end of the two-year association period, the associate researcher produces a short report on his/her activities.

3. Eligibility

Eligible candidates for an affiliation as ESPOL associate researchers hold a scientific degree, typically a PhD, in political science or a related discipline and work on research topics that are related to the research carried out in ESPOL-LAB.

4. Application and admission procedure

To apply as an associate researcher at ESPOL, candidates must submit the following documents:

– Application form

– CV

– Letter of motivation, including the envisaged project, activities and collaborations at ESPOL

The applications are handled on a rolling basis. In order to be accepted, the candidate needs the support of one ESPOL-LAB researchers who will act as the associate researcher’s ‘liaison officer’. Applicants should get in touch with ESPOL-LAB members prior to their application. The final decision on the acceptance of the candidate is with ESPOL-LAB.

The status of an associate researcher at ESPOL will be granted for the period of two years, with the possibilityof renewal. The application to renew the status of associate researcher needs to be made in written form by the associate researcher.

We look forward to your application as ESPOL associate researcher.

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