“Data Colonization in India” – 16 November 2023


Since shedding its colonial shackles in 1947, India has emerged as an equal player in a rapidly developing, growing, and dynamic global environment. Indian society has transformed in many ways with the internet, giving voices and opportunities to communities that went unnoticed. However, we are entering a new global challenge. With every step of humankind, more data is created. From the alarm set in the morning, the steps we take through the data are generated. Businesses create value and generate revenue by collecting and processing multiple data points. The use of data by businesses is not uncommon; however, data colonization is becoming increasingly common. Data colonialism refers to the process by which governments, non-governmental organizations and corporations claim ownership of and privatize the data their users and citizens produce. In their paper on data colonization, Nick Couldry and Ulises A Mejias refer to two data colonial powers the United States of America and China. The presentation seeks to analyze data colonization from the perspective of a global south nation. This presentation contextualizes the concept of data colonization in a country like India, coming out of one colonization to be subject to another form of colonization in the global world.

Pratiksha Ashok is a PhD Researcher for the Platform Regulation and Operations in the Sharing Economy (PROSEco) Project at the Faculty of Law, UCLouvain.


The seminar will take on place on Thursday, 16 November 2023 from 14:00 to 16:00 in room LW 204 (‘Louise Weiss’ building, 89 boulevard Vauban, 59016 Lille).

Attendance can be either online or in person.

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