Felix-Christopher VON NOSTITZ

Maître de conférences en science politique

Felix-Christopher VON NOSTITZ

Maître de conférences en science politique
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Felix-Christopher von Nostitz earned his Ph.D. from the University of Exeter in 2017. He also holds a MRes in Politics and BA in Economics and Politics with European Studies at the University of Exeter. He has been awarded the Strategic Doctoral Studies Scholarship by the University of Exeter to conduct his PhD exploring the consequences of increase intra-party democracy for party membership in various parties across western European countries.

His current research interests are on intra-party finance regulations and party organization in a digital age. Further, he is involved in various project in the field of Parliament and Legislative Studies exploring bill co-sponsorship and parliamentary party unity. Finally, he is a member of the H2020 RECONNECT project team at ESPOL studying the contemporary transformations in the political sphere and public decision-making processes, with a special emphasis on the European Union.


Languages spoken: German, English and French



  • Comparative Politics (Master 1)
  • Introduction to Sociology (Bachelor 1)
  • Political sociology (Seminars, Bachelor 2)
  • Introduction to the law and European Institutions (Seminars, Bachelor 1)
  • Public policy (Seminars, Bachelor 2)



  • Party Politics, Party Organization and Party Membership
  • Primary elections
  • Political Participation
  • Parliament and Legislative Studies