Holmes, M., & Simpson, K. (2023). Nationalism in Internationalism. Ireland’s Relationship with the European Union. London, UK: Palgrave MacMillan Cham.

Ireland joined the European Union fifty years ago, and over that time has made a fascinating journey from being one of the poorest member states to being a ‘poster-boy’ for the advantages of integration. This book, written by ESPOL’s Michael Holmes and Kathryn Simpson from Keele University, explores that journey. It argues that Ireland is traditionally a country with a very strong nationalist identity, expressed in political, economic, social and cultural terms. However, it has also become a successful member state and a strong advocate for the benefits of European integration. The book analyses how nationalism can exist within internationalism. It argues that in the Irish case, there was a shift from a narrow focus on political and legal ideas of national territory and sovereignty to a wider idea of nationalism in terms of economic and social progress. At the same time, the EU has also accommodated such a position by allowing member-states a considerable degree of freedom, rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all policy in all cases.

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