New Master’s in Digital Politics and Governance

How will you change the world through Digital Politics?

Think of how far society has come in just the last 20 years due to technological advancement. How different are the things you now do daily?

There is a wide range of activities you can do simply from your phone. Capture a special moment forever and share it with your community, easy access to navigation platforms, or if you’re not in the mood to cook just order in.

It’s fair to say society has undergone a digital transformation. We can access information in ways even our grandparents may have never imagined. Digitalisation has changed the way society and businesses engage with the world. This phenomenon has expanded to mostly all areas of our lives, healthcare, shopping, education and so on. Digital transformation, however, has progressed differently in various parts of the world and not at the same pace in distinct fields. 

Get an in-depth look at Digital Politics

Have you ever thought about if and how digitalisation has transformed and affected our politics and governance? E-governance or digital politics has indeed affected the way we not only view but also interact with government bodies worldwide. Remember the infamous Trump tweets?

Digital era governance faces constant changes and new challenges as it focuses on how digital technologies can aid the public sector. The hope for digital politics is that it can bridge barriers, unite communities and encourage positive social and political change. But although digital politics has made some steps forward certain barriers have been further reinforced. Therefore, creating a division in government bodies, society and communities.

If your dream is to study digital and how it affects governance, to help technological advancement aid society and make a change, you can’t miss our Master’s in Digital Politics and Governance available in Lille.

How does the master works?

This program brings together students of diverse backgrounds to analyse and study new approaches to tackle social, political and legal issues as a result of digitalisation in politics. 

The Master will provide you with the tools, knowledge and skills to explore how digital developments shape politics and democracy:

  • discussing the advantages and disadvantages of digital transformation
  • how the latter affects all institutions of a country
  • the negative and positive impacts that have occurred 
  • studying closely with experts and practitioners from related disciplines

By studying this master’s programme you’ll also benefit from a learning approach attentive to students’ needs. Which is facilitated by small classes, 20 people per programme, and a unique location.

Our campus is in fact situated at the heart of the city of Lille, which means you’ll be close to the major European Union institutions.

At the crossroads of Europe, Lille is located 1 hour from Paris, 40 minutes from Brussels and 90 minutes from London by train.

Explore our Digital Politics and Governance and many other master’s programmes that will help you make a difference. Be part of the change!