How to find us on Mon Master?

New this year, ESPOL is on Mon Master!

Mon Master is the French platform for finding and registering for Master’s programmes. If you are a student from the European Union and you are looking for a Master’s programme in France, you will need to visit this site: https://www.monmaster.gouv.fr/

Our master’s programmes are 100% in English, so you may not be fluent in French. That’s why we want to advise and support you as you navigate the platform.

You can check the calendar to know the key dates of the application process.

Mon Master Calendar

Find ESPOL on the Mon Master platform

ESPOL is under the Université Catholique de Lille programmes. To find us, you can check for the institution and the mention.

Établissement: Institut Catholique de Lille

Mention: Études européennes et internationales

ESPOL on Mon Master


You will see our master’s programmes: