Highlights of the Year

As the year comes to an end, we wanted to take a look back at what made ESPOL this year, the vision that drove us and the goals we set ourselves. Here’s a summary of the year’s achievements:

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A year of innovation and growth

As the academic year concludes, ESPOL looks back on a year marked by innovation and growth. With 1,290 students, including 136 exchange students, ESPOL hosted dynamic events, workshops, and career sessions. Notably, the school introduced a Bachelor’s in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) and a Master’s in Digital Democracy & Governance (DPG), reflecting its commitment to addressing contemporary global challenges.

International outlook, in Europe and beyond

In expanding its global footprint, ESPOL forged partnerships with institutions in Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Japan, India, Hungary, Turkey, Mexico, and Brazil. These collaborations enhance cross-cultural understanding and open new avenues for research and collaboration.

Contributing to the future of education

ESPOL’s doctoral program experienced remarkable growth, attracting talented researchers who have already made valuable contributions to cutting-edge projects. The commitment to excellence is further underscored by the addition of eight new members to the research teams in economics and political science. Their diverse expertise strengthens ESPOL’s position as a hub for world-class research, fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration and pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

For the year ahead

As ESPOL looks ahead, its dedication to intellectual curiosity, global collaboration, and research excellence remains unwavering. The school is poised to continue making impactful contributions to political and social sciences, guided by its commitment to innovation and preparing students for a rapidly evolving world.


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