“A New Global Order: Technology, Power and Politics in the Digital Era” – 22 March 2024


The global landscape is shifting towards a new era marked by intensified great power rivalry, notably between the United States and China. This trend stems from deep-seated political, cultural, economic, technological, and military factors, reflecting a transition towards a more zero-sum world order. Understanding the diminishing prospects for international cooperation amidst evolving economic and technological dynamics is crucial for grasping contemporary global politics. Emerging technologies are not only reshaping political systems and human rights frameworks but also exerting profound effects on domestic politics, fueling polarization and discontent. As major powers navigate this volatile landscape, the Global South is left pondering its role and alliances amidst rising geopolitical tensions. This session delves into the restructuring of the international order, emphasizing the waning influence of traditional powers and the ascendance of China, alongside the disruptive role of technology. Additionally, it examines the long-term implications of technological and economic shifts on democratic societies, highlighting the erosion of social contracts and its ramifications on both domestic and international fronts. By the end of the session a full picture of the weakening of liberal democracies from within and from without will be drawn.

Manuel Muñiz is Provost of IE University in Madrid and Professor of Practice of International Relations.