World Forum for a Responsible Economy at ESPOL: a lasting partnership

World Forum for a Responsible Economy at ESPOL: a lasting partnership

Every year for the 5 past years, the ESPOL students participate in the World Forum as reporters and journalists. In these particular times, their commitment takes on a different scale with this event related to resilience: SAVE THE LAST CHANCE

For its 14th time, the World Forum for a Responsible Economy invites you on 13, 14 and 15 October 2020 in Lille for three days of exchanges around concrete solutions to transform our enterprises, and build a sustainable and resilient economy.

The crisis we are experiencing only made our conviction stronger: the key to our resilience will be a more responsible economy, capable of both facing environmental issues and build a socially fairer world. The time has come to move into action and transform ourselves.

What are tomorrow’s modes of governance and economic models? How can we transform our jobs and adapt them to a more responsible economy? How to create new cooperation within economic sectors and territories to face environmental and social challenges? Come and discover potential answers in the company of the most innovative heads of companies, experts and great visionaries in terms of environmental & social responsibilities and sustainable development.

Info & registration: https://www.responsible-economy.org/fr/