[WORKSHOP] Online Workshop « Digital sustainability teaching: Innovative practices and didactics in times of crisis », 25-26 March 2021

You are invited to an interactive exchange about opportunities and current challenges in digital sustainability teaching. Successful sustainability theory should be many things: innovative, practice-oriented, interactive, activating, reflective and transformative. From the perspective of practical teaching, it is about much more than imparting specialist knowledge. Teachers are challenged to open up new spaces for thinking, orientation and action in university sustainability teaching and to convey them to students in innovative teaching formats using creative methods. The COVID-19 pandemic promotes the development, further development and dissemination of digital forms of teaching and learning, also and especially in the field of sustainability teaching. At the same time, sustainability is called upon to deal with the causes and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The growing number and variety of innovative and digital courses in the field of sustainability show that the topic is increasingly becoming a central aspect of university teaching.

The online workshop focusses on the topic of « digital teaching practice and didactics ». The event aims to bring together committed teachers in the field of digital sustainability teaching and promote mutual learning and the exchange of experiences on issues of conception, application, reflection and transferability of various didactic teaching concepts and methods in digital sustainability teaching. The practice-oriented exchange is centred around four themes: (I) experiences with and from digital sustainability teaching, (II) didactics in digital sustainability teaching, (III) the internationalization of digital sustainability teaching and (IV) COVID-19 and sustainability as objects of digital sustainability teaching.

The workshop is organised by the Working Group on Environmental Policy and Global Change (AK-Umwelt) of the German Political Science Association, of which Sabine Weiland is the spokesperson, in collaboration with the Center for International Development and Environmental Research at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen. The workshop language is German.

Access programme (in German)