[SEMINAR] IACES – The Island of Ireland after Five Decades of European Union (EU) Membership – 23 May 2023

The Irish Association for Contemporary European Studies (IACES) organises an in person seminar on 23 May 2023 in Brussels in collaboration with the University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES), Welsh Higher Education Brussels (WHEB) and the Wales Governance Centre (WGC) at Cardiff University.

Event summary

Today Ireland is a modern, prosperous, and progressive country, but it is impossible to talk about trade and the economy, farming and food, the green agenda, peace, or the development of civil rights without reference to the role played by our EU membership. By bringing together academic experts and practitioners, this panel discussion will reflect on how 50 years of membership of what is now the European Union (EU), has shaped the island’s development over five decades.


  • Richard Corbett (Vice Chair of UK European Movement and also Chair in the European Parliament of the Labour Movement for Europe.)
  • Dr Michael Holmes (Associate Professor of Political Science at ESPOL).
  • Dr Giada Lagana (Lecturer in Politics at Cardiff University, President of IACES).
  • Prof. Daniel Mulhall (Served for 44 years in Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs including in some of its most senior positions in Dublin and overseas.).

Details and registration