[PRESS ARTICLE] Chopin, T. (2019), « Brexiteers might have succedeed, but Brexit will fail », LSE Brexit Blog, London School of Economics, November 15th

In 2016, a majority of eligible voters, in particular in England, decided that their country should leave the European Union. The deal that was patiently negotiated by Theresa May and the twenty-seven Heads of State and government of the other EU Member States was not ratified by the UK Parliament, which had become more fragmented than ever. None of the motions submitted to a vote (soft Brexit, reconsideration of Brexit, customs union, second referendum) obtained a majority. Prime Minister Boris Johnson now defends – together with his closest advisers (first and foremost Dominic Cummings) – the option of a hard Brexit according to which the UK’s economic model should transition to a ‘Singapore-on-Thames’ to achieve success outside the EU. In such a context, the question if Brexit will succeed is more pertinent than ever.

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