[MASTER] Opening : Double degree in European Studies with Liverpool Hope University

We are pleased to announce that we are opening a double degree in European Studies « Contemporary European Affairs » the next academic year in partnership with Liverpool Hope University.


Organised conjointly by Liverpool Hope University and ESPOL, the MA in Contemporary European Affairs is designed to give students a strong basis of understanding of contemporary Europe from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Drawing on law, politics, economics and social policy, the programme’s goal is to train students who can aspire to steer future relations between post-Brexit Britain and EU Member States.


Students on this two-year double-degree programme will benefit from the experience of working in two different institutions, and will have access to language training, career development modules and internship options.

The first year is spent at Liverpool Hope, the second year takes place at ESPOL. Upon successful completion of the two years, you will receive two degrees: a Master’s in Contemporary European Affairs from Liverpool Hope and a Master’s in Global and European Politics from ESPOL. The programme includes an Integrated dissertation co-supervised by a professor from Liverpool Hope and from ESPOL.



More informations : espol@univ-catholille.fr