Master’s degree in Political Science at ESPOL – Webinar

If you missed the webinar on our political science master’s degree presented by Professor Andrew Glencross, Director of ESPOL, don’t worry! We’re offering you an exclusive opportunity to catch up on this crucial moment as we explored master’s study opportunities at ESPOL.

Why study a master’s degree in political science?

Detailed description of our master’s degrees: Andrew Glencross provided detailed information on the different master’s degrees offered by ESPOL. Each programme was presented with its specifics, unique benefits, and the key skills it offers students.

Personalised advice: Participants had the opportunity to receive personalised advice from the Director. Professor Glencross answered participants’ questions and gave valuable recommendations to help them make informed decisions about their academic career.

Admissions information: Professor Glencross also gave valuable information on how to join ESPOL. Applying via Campus France, scholarship opportunities, assistance and support from the administrative teams, etc.

Watch the webinar:

Master’s degree in Political Science, in France and in English

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