[JOURNAL ARTICLE] Chopin T. and Faure S. B. (2021), “Presidential Election 2022: A Euroclash Between a “Liberal” and a “Neo-Nationalist” France Is Coming” in “European Integration and National Elections After COVID-19”, Intereconomics Review of European Economic Policy, vol. 56, num 2

How could the 2022 French presidential election impact the dynamics of European integration? Generally speak-ing, there is an increasingly strong link between national elections and domestic politics on the one hand and Eu-ropean issues on the other (Bulmer and Lequesne, 2020). From the point of view of the national context in France, the presidential political system gives major importance to this election because the most strategic decisions with European partners are still made by the president – all the more so in a context of crises that reinforce the role of the European Council (Wessels, 2015). The EU has been marked since the beginning of the 21st century by a “polycrisis” (Juncker, 2016) that has strengthened the in-stitutional position of the European Council (Bickerton et al., 2015). Moreover, the current COVID-19 crisis poses a number of challenges to the citizens of EU member states that have a clear European dimension, such as economic recovery, energy transition, defence policy, etc

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