“British Modern International Thought in the Making. Politics and Economy from Hobbes to Bentham“ – 7 May 2024

Abstract: This book articulates international political theory in dialogue with economics on several questions. It asks: how has modern international theory been adjusted and nourished by economic ideas, theories and practices? How far has the distinctive contribution of some theorists to international theory been informed by their views on economy? What has been the impact of the theory of the state for economic and international theory? What sort of economic thinking has led to revise the debates constitutive for the modern international realm? How have economic debates been rhetorically connected to political debates in the field of international relations?

Benjamin Bourcier is Associate Professor of Moral and Political Philosphy at ESPOL, Université catholique de Lille and Mikko Jakonen is Professor of Social and Public Policy at the University of Eastern Finland, Finland.