[BLOG POST] Kelbel, C., Navarro, J., & Neihouser, M., (2021), « Is European integration still an elite-driven process? An analysis of MEPs-citizens congruence on potential EU reforms and the future of Europe », RECONNECT project website, 24 May 2021

A widespread assumption found both in the academic literature and the public debate is the widening gap between pro-European political elites and citizens, with the latter being increasingly dubious about the European integration process. The willingness to actively involve citizens in the ongoing Conference on the Future of Europe can be seen as an attempt to bridge this gap. The aim of the report upon which this blog is based is thus to examine whether EU institutions adequately represent the views of citizens regarding potential EU reforms and the future of Europe broadly speaking. Since the European Parliament (EP) is the only directly elected EU institution, and the main one entrusted to exert popular representation and participation, and because it has been developed  with the explicit aim to ‘reconnect’ citizens with the EU institutional architecture, we consider it to be in a privileged position to voice citizens’ concerns. If it is present anywhere, therefore, congruence regarding the European integration process should be found between Members of the EP (MEPs) and their voters.

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