Message from 3 april 2020

Communication to all STUDENTS

Dear all,

You will find here below further information regarding your exams but, first, a reminder to all of you. Please refrain from making jokes and spreading fake news on social networks. The current situation is already critical and tensed enough for you not to lose your time casting doubt over subjects as important as the exams. Exams will take place, as planned, in late April. Your continuous assessment marks will NOT be the sole ones taken into account for validating your semester.

Exams schedule

You will find attached un updated version of your exams schedule. Read it carefully as some change were made on duration and modes of exams. Most of the exams will take place on Moodle. Those exams notified “via the Office of Academic Affairs” will be conveyed to you via a piece of Agora news. Subject and attached instructions will be in said piece of news. You will have to return your written production in a Word format to an email address previously communicated, within the time given for the exam. This process has recently proved very efficient for exams or resat DS.

Mock exam

Your teachers will contact you to offer you a mock exam, i.e. a simulation under real conditions before the true exam day.

Students with specific situations

The Office of Academic Affair will provide the teachers with:

  • The list of all students enrolled in their classes, for absences monitoring during the exam and written exam submission,
  • The names of students with disabilities, along with the measures they benefit from. Please do not worry, you will benefit from the same measures you would have in a regular on-campus written exam,
  • The name of students facing technical/digital difficulties (who informed us via espol-covid19@univ-catholille.fr address) for whom we might not find a solution beforehand,
  • The name of students in a time zone with significant difference from France who may not be able to connect at a reasonable hour for the exam – IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE IT YET, PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP using espol-covid19@univ-catholille.fr. Please specify your physical location and the time difference between your time zone and Lille’s.

Your exam

The following elements must be included on your written exam:

Your class – L1 Euro or L2 RI or M1 (for instance)

Title of the discipline

Teacher’s Name/Surname

Date of the exam- xx/04/20

Your student card number – 2xxx123456 and your names/surname


We trust you to observe the rules that normally apply for exams, particularly the absence of communication between students and no-plagiarism. You would respectively lose time and risk a 0 mark.

In case of technical issues during the exam, please do not panic. You can contact us at espol-covid19@univ-catholille.fr so that we can offer you solutions, depending on your situation.

All this information will be specified again in the amendment to school rules, to be sent out to you in the coming days –  Disposition d’urgence relatives à la continuité des activités d’ESPOL prises dans le cadre du plan de lutte contre le Covid-19 (Emergency measures pertaining to the continuation of ESPOL activities taken in accordance with the pandemic plan against Covid-19).

We wish you all a good final week of classes. We are conscious of the efforts everyone makes to adapt. Hold on. Good luck and stay safe.


Message from 27 March 2020


We would like to confirm that, as much as possible and on condition that there is no negative evolution of the health situation, we will:

  • Observe the academic calendar planned for the end of this year
  • Maintain the exams period and planning that were previously established
  • Rely on remote exams taking the form of Moodle exams under time limit (timed online exam)

Given the current circumstances and overall uncertainty over the duration of containment, these decisions seemed reasonable to us and will enable everyone to organise oneself.

You will of course be kept aware about the organisation of each test. You will able to log in to download your subject, work on it and log in once more to upload your written production.

Teachers will have the list of all registered students for the exam, including students benefitting from an additional 1/3 time for written exams. The content and duration of exam will likely be adapted in the end ; we are waiting for each teacher to confirm his/her availability on the given time slot.

We are conscious of the adaptation efforts required by the current situation and thank you for these efforts you make to follow the final parts of the programme as best as you can.

We would like to express once more our total commitment by your side.

Wishing you all well,

The School Management and Pedagogical Committee


The L3 DS tests planned for the 31/03 week are cancelled. Only your continuous assessment (“contrôle continu”) marks will be used in calculating your semester’s average.

ALL TD non-attendances in January/February will exceptionally be excused. Those which took place since the beginning of March were already excused, given the then partial and now total containment. This does not preclude you from attending all the online TD classes your teachers took the time to organise during the past weeks. There will therefore be no exclusion from exams.

Message from 17 March 2020

Dear students,

Following the decisions made by the President of the French Republic, the Institut Catholique de Lille suspends all on-site courses from Saturday 14 March 2020 onward, on the whole of its campuses. From Monday 16 March onward, access to our campuses will be restricted to staff only, to guarantee pedagogical continuity.

Teleworking is generalised to all University functions and sites, starting from Tuesday 17 March 2020 08:00am. As a consequence, we will all work remotely – students, teachers, administrative staff – and we must find together a new professional and personal organisation.

Your schedule remains the one already encoded in Hyperplanning – please keep the good habit of checking it on a daily basis. We thank you for your patience during the implementation of remote teaching for the first classes of the 16/03 week.

Please keep checking as well the pedagogical platforms used by your teachers. If your teachers have not used a platform or any other communication tool with you since the beginning of the semester, they will send you, one way or another, course material(s) – written, audio, video documents or reading instructions, exercises, etc. So please keep an eye on Hyperplanning, the pedagogical platforms (Moodle, Teams or any other), your Agora news, your name.surname@lacatholille.fr and private email addresses.

The L1 khôlles will proceed as scheduled. They will take place via Skype or any other remote video conference system. We invite you to get in touch with your khôlle teacher as soon as you receive this message to exchange your IDs and choose your preferred communication systeml. Naïma Guenaoui will send you your subject via email, 8 days before the date of your planned khôlle.

Supervisions of L3 research dissertations (mémoires de recherche) will also be done remotely (Skype…). Please get in touch with your supervisor to agree on practical details. The L1/L2 students who were absent at the DS exams but provided due justification or were quarantined will soon be informed regarding the ways and means to resit these DS.

The M2 ‘Diplomatie en pratique’ (Diplomacy in Practice) exam scheduled for Saturday 21 March in the morning will take place as planned but in a remote manner. It will likely last for 3 hours instead of 2 to enable you to work on digital rather than paper formats. Please check your news at the beginning of the week for logistic details.

Any student (M2 or special case) currently in work placement abroad must imperatively fill in and return the attached “décharge de responsabilité” (liability release) form to the Academic Affairs (service des études).

You will find it below :

 Décharge de responsabilité/Liability release

Any document you may wish to communicate to us can be send by post or by email – ESPOL 60 boulevard Vauban, CS40109, 59016 Lille.

For any question pertaining to your classes’ pedagogical content, as usual, please contact your teacher. For any other question, the Academic Affairs contacts details are: