Susan Strange 2020-2021 Award

ESPOL and the ESPOL-Lab Research Centre for European and International Politics have the pleasure to grant for the very time the Susan Strange Award – named after political scientist Susan Strange, one of the founders of international political economy. This prize aims at rewarding the best MA thesis and BA dissertation made by ESPOL students.

For this year 2020-2021, the jury, after reviewing high quality proposals, decided to grant the Susan Strange Award to the following students:

Best MA thesis:

Morgane BATKAI, MA Food Policy, for her MA thesis: HOME GROWN IN THE DESERT: Encouraging Sustainable Food Consumption in Urban Food Deserts

Best BA dissertation:

Chloé BERNARDINO, BA in International Relations, for her BA dissertation: Surveillance capitalism: an unstoppable machine? Questioning responsibility in the digital age

ESPOL and ESPOL-lab also extends their congratulations to the below BA dissertations, which were respectively ranked second and third.

Marie CHAPOT, BA in International Relations, for her BA dissertation: Les militantes féministes et l’abolitionnisme pénal. Étude d’une position radicale. (in French)

Alice STAIKOWSKI, BA in International Relations, for her BA dissertation: Securitising Kaliningrad: Security as a Speech Act? Kaliningrad’s A2/AD Capabilities: at the heart of NATO’s Securitisation Processes in the Baltic Sea Region.

The winning and ranked MA thesis and BA dissertations are accessible on this page, using the above links.