WEBINAR//”The EU’s Response to COVID-19: Lessons in Public Health Policy”

Rediscover our webinar “The EU’s Response to COVID-19: Lessons in Public Health Policy”, by Thibaud Deruelle, PhD fellow in European Politics at University of Exeter.

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Europe is among the most affected regions in the world to be affected. The continent was designated in March 2020 as the new epicenter of the pandemic and Europe’s recovery strategy to the COVID-19 crisis seems to be threatened by a lack of solidarity. This talk will present how the EU governance system has – so far – conditioned the construction of a modest coordinated European response to the crisis. COVID-19 may be a learning opportunity rather than a make-or-break event for the future of a European Health Policy. Two lessons are highlighted: first, this crisis shows that if Europeans bet on solidarity as an incentive to cooperate, their chances to produce prompt and ambitious responses are slim and overshadowed by power-struggles on what the governance of the EU ought to be. Second, while the crisis started as a public health problem, the crux of the debate is now centered on a common economic recovery strategy. The challenge ahead will be to avoid that lessons learned about public health are cannibalized by economic affairs.