Caterina FROIO

Associate Professor in Political Science

Caterina FROIO

Associate Professor in Political Science


Caterina Froio is Assistant Professor in Political Science at ESPOL. She is also an affiliate researcher to the C-REX (University of Oslo) and to the CEE (Sciences Po Paris).

Caterina’s research interests are broadly in European politics and political sociology, with a special emphasis on political parties, agenda-setting dynamics, right-wing extremism, radicalism and populism, contentious politics and the internet. Since 2016 Caterina is joint convenor of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Standing Group on Extremism & Democracy.

Her publications have appeared or will appear, among others, in Comunicazione Politica, French Politics, Gouvernance et Action Publique, Partecipazione e Conflitto, Party Politics, Perspectives on Politics, Questions de Communication, The International Journal of Conflict and Violence, Réseaux, and in a number of edited volumes.

She is also the author of the book Fascists of the Third Millennium? Crises and Participation in CasaPound Italia (Fascisti di un Altro Millennio? Crisi e Partecipazione in CasaPound Italia 2015 with M. Albanese, G. Bulli and P. Castelli Gattinara) published by Bonanno. Combining interviews with activists and leaders, open participant observation to private and public events, qualitative and quantitative content analyses of offline and online propaganda material the book examines what motivates individuals to join an extreme right party in times when historical ideologies, conventional forms of political participation and attachment to political parties are fading.

Before coming to ESPOL, Caterina was a VOX-Pol Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute of the University of Oxford (2016-2017). She has been awarded a postdoctoral Fellowship from the French National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) to work in the project ‘SOG-PRO’ (2015-2016) and a Young Investigator Award on ‘Racism, Xenophobia and Antisemitism’ from the City hall of Paris (2015-2016). Between 2014 and 2016 she has been an Instructor at Sciences Po Paris and Sciences Po Reims.

Caterina completed her Ph.D. at the European University Institute (2011-2015) under the supervision of Prof. Peter Mair, and then of Prof. Pepper Culpepper and Prof. E. Scott Adler. Her PhD examines the impact of governing parties’ electoral promises on policy agendas in Western democracies. She is currently working on nationalist discourses in the European far right, and she engages with three increasingly salient issues in liberal democracies: immigration, Islam, and political elites both at the national and supranational levels.

Languages spoken: French, English, Italian


  • EU policy making (Bachelor 3)
  • Politics of regionalization (Master 2 Food & International Security)
  • Introduction to the law and European Institutions (Bachelor 1)
  • Far-right populism in Europe (Bachelor 2)


  • Comparative politics
  • Political parties
  • E-politics
  • Extremism, radicalism and populism