[PRESS ARTICLE] Grzybowski J., Prelz Oltramonti G. and Verdebout A., “Fault lines of a war foretold”, Eurozine, 13 November 2020

Despite the ceasefire, Nagorny Karabakh’s status remains unclear. Any lasting solution must deal with the anxieties of precarious nations and unachieved statehood. On the historical roots of the long-standing conflict and the legal ambiguities of a war in contested territory.

In the early hours on 10 November 2020, news broke that a Russian-mediated ceasefire agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan had been reached overnight, halting the large-scale military confrontation that had erupted on 27 September along the Nagorny Karabakh Line of Contact. Although it was the fourth ceasefire negotiated within a few weeks, there is reason to believe that it will be more stable than its predecessors. Azerbaijan has achieved a major victory by capturing territories and settlements around and within Nagorny Karabakh; the outgunned Armenian forces in the enclave have been spared imminent collapse; and Russian troops have already been dispatched to the region as peacekeepers. […]

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