Electoral Participation, Lists and Candidates in the North [of France] – 2020

ESPOL-Lab launched an electoral sociology project, together with the Collectif de Recherche sur les Élections Municipales et Intercommunales (CREMI) and CERAPS (University of Lille), focussed on the 2020 local elections in the Hauts-de-France region.

PELiCaN2020 hinges on 3 key lines:

  • An analysis of the agregated electoral results: comparative analysis of electoral results since 2001 on multiple scales (polling stations, city of Lille, Nord department, Hauts-de-France region), composition of the 2020 outgoing teams and lists.
  • An exit poll: picking two research areas, the impact of the online/offline campaign on voting and the local geographic location of voters.
  • A study of abstention at micro-level: via a study of the voting lists, supported by INSEE data.

The ESPOL scientific team involved in this project aims at producing a qualitative and quantitative work in electoral sociology, a sub-field of research on which ESPOL is developing. The project will generate re-exploitable data for other teams of electoralists and will actively contribute to expanding citizens’ local political knowledge.