[CONFERENCE] Ethics and New Models of Governance. 20th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research. Dubai, UAE, June 18-20, 2019


Zach Bastick, ESPOL Lille, France

Alois Paulin, Siemens, Austria

Adeyinka Adewale, Henley Business School, UK


The 2019 DG.O Conference will host the track “Ethics & New Models of Governance”. The track discusses challenges along the boundaries of society, technology, and governance. Our focus is on issues beyond established research paths and priorities in e-governance and e-democracy.

Political science has largely studied technologies that support the work and mission of government agencies and agents. This track addresses the question how radical technological innovation can transform the power of citizens and the sovereign body so as to enable active control over government.

This track invites contributions that discuss pending technological challenges for government, disruptive technological ecosystems, and the role of tech in radical political innovation.


Guiding Challenges

  • Can public-sector functions and asset management be realized without central institutions?
  • Is it still necessary to delegate decision-making to institutions (parliaments, agencies)?
  • What are the challenges of electronic identity, should they be overcome, and if so, how?
  • How can we resolve the challenges of the computerization of societal interactions?
  • What would be the architecture of a disruptively participatory government?

More information: http://bb19.beyondbureaucracy.org