ESPOL closes its doors – Message from our Director


For the last few weeks, we have been experiencing a complex period that pushed the entire world into uncertainty. This epidemic, which has now become a pandemic, distant at the beginning, has brutally settled up in front of our front doors. Economy is impacted, our habits are challenged.

Each passing is one too many, each ill person is one too many – we all agree. What we must however all do is keeping the sensible attitude which seems to be the rule for the time being. Complying with the safety instructions, to the letter, is essential.

From the medical perspective, health specialists teams from across the world are already testing potential treatments and working day and night to find a vaccine.

This being said, each situation, no matter how painful it is, must lead us to consider essential questions. What are the lessons we can learn from this health crisis? How to accompany, in solidarity, the most fragile persons, the most impacted regions? How to integrate, in our daily and collective lives, the risk of multiplied crises of all kinds? These are the questions we must face with lucidity, candour and effectiveness. We will also have to acknowledge the fact that the answers have, by nature, at least an European – if not international – significance. And this not without impact on redefining our relation to sovereignty.

Through my daily contacts with young persons of exceptional quality, I know, as my colleagues do, that I can count on their sense of responsibility, their innovative mind and their capacity to get things moving. We will get through this crisis with HOPE and CONFIDENCE.

Alexis Massart