“Complex climate responsibilities for food security”, I. Wallimann-Helmer, séminaire Cosmopolitisme et Justice Globale, dir. I. Delpla et B. Bourcier, 21 Janvier 2022 – 14h

21 janvier 2022, 14h, Conférence de Ivo Wallimann-Helmer, Professeur à l’Institut des Sciences et Humanités Environnementales de l’Université de Fribourg (Suisse) – « Complex Climate Responsibilities for Food Security »

Résumé : In the political public sphere and in international climate politics but also in ethical research on climate justice the focus is most often on how to differentiate the responsibilities for climate action and on how to fairly distribute the entitlements either to produce emissions or to be assisted in taking action to adapt to changing climatic conditions. This focus misses crucial consequences of climate action potentially undermining food security in poor regions of the world and for the weakest members of society. This paper tackles these consequences and shows why due to risks to food security in all areas of climate action doubled responsibilities of industrialized countries occur. They are not only responsible to take climate action but also must do their part to help avoid food insecurity.