[REPORT] Chopin, T. and Foucher M. (eds) 2018, Schuman Report on Europe. The State of the Union 2018. Paris: Marie B. Editions / Lignes de repères.

This book seeks to analyse the political situation in the EU. Europeans face major challenges: between the risk of populist contagion and Brexit internally, migration issues and the questioning of their values and external interests, Europeans must find their place in a world in transformation. These challenges call into question the ability of Europeans to be united in order to deal with the crises they face.

This book also offers an analysis of the electoral context within the Member States and the new political cleavages in Europe; more than 30 original maps to explain the challenges facing the Union; a set of commented statistics on all the major current European issues. Finally, it includes an exclusive interview granted by the President of the French Republic.