[CONFERENCE] “Demand action or do-it-yourself? Climate justice movements and the changing role of the state” Joost DE MOOR, Stockholm University, 15 October 2020

Abstract: Climate activism in the years after the failed 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit was marked by a rejection of state-oriented activism. That is, instead of demanding change from governments or international organizations who were no longer seen as capable of addressing the climate crisis, activists increasingly prioritized ‘do-it-yourself’ modes of action. These include direct action against the fossil fuel industry (e.g. coalmine occupations) and lifestyle politics to take responsibility in everyday life (e.g. developing local sustainable alternatives). Yet since their emergence in the end of 2018, groups like Fridays For Future and Extinction Rebellion have put the state centre stage again by demanding that they act on what climate scientists say. This talk asks how we can make sense of these trends and why they matter.

Joost DE MOOR is a postdoctoral researcher at Stockholm University, Sweden.

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