[CONFERENCE] – “Compromise and publicity in democracy” Stéphanie NOVAK, Assistant Professor, Université Ca’ Foscari de Venise, Italy – [POSTPONED]

[Due to health precautions linked with the 2020 Coronovirus epidemics, this conference has been postponed.]

Publicity and compromise each play a crucial role in contemporary democracies. Publicity is a highly valued aspect of good governance, while compromise is unavoidable when it comes to circumventing the tyranny of the majority and taking into account the plurality of preferences. This paper aims to explore the complex relationship between publicity and compromise in democracy. 

Stéphanie Novak is Assistant Professor in Political Science and International Relations at University Ca’ Foscari, Venice, Italy. Her fields of specialization are EU Politics; International Relations; Political Theory. The talk is presenting a part of her new forthcoming book that she is co-editing with Sandrine Baume: Compromises in democracy, Palgrave, 2020.