A feeling of déjà-vu…

Dear ESPOL students,

A feeling of déjà-vu…

What can we say except that we would have preferred to let you know about the date of our next Graduation Ceremony, our gala or the inauguration of our new building… Instead of that…

… We are once again in the position of having to tell you we are forced to close ESPOL. From Monday onward, all your classes will take place online.

We know how stressful and restrictive this situation is for you, your student life, your personal life and experience with us. We thank you in advance for the courage and patience you will show over the next weeks.

Rest assured that we are by your sides and will always be. Maybe from a distance, but nonetheless with you.

Let us keep the legendary Espolian humour and spirit alive using social networks;

Let us preserve social ties despite physical distancing;

Let us stay in contact via email, zoom and phone;

Let us stay vigilant for the more fragile persons around us;

Let us not sink into the prevailing moroseness, for there will be a tomorrow.

Information concerning pedagogical modes will be communicated tomorrow on your student portal.

If you have any question, do not let it unanswered, contact us:

Via email: espol@univ-catholille.fr

Over telephone: +33 (0)

Information pertaining to the management of the situation will be regularly updated on our website: https://espol.univ-catholille.fr/covid-19-informations/

In the meantime, we (virtually) hug you with all our heart.

We say “see you tomorrow” and send you a billion positive thoughts and tons of espolove.

Your administrative and pedagogical team.