2022 Earth System Governance in Toronto, Canada

The 2022 Earth System Governance will take place on 20-24 October, with some 400 scholars from all over the globe gathering to discuss the latest resesearch on global environmental and sustainability governance and transformation. The conference will be hosted by the University of Toronto and the University of Waterloo, together with the Earth System Governance Project. This year’s conference theme is « Governing accelerated transitions: justice, creativity, and power in a transforming world ». Sabine Weiland will present her research on « Reflexive governance for the UN Sustainable Goals ». Brendan Coolsaet will organise a session on « A trans-Atlantic dialogue on environmental justice » and present his work on « Exploring enviromental justice in France ».

The Earth System Governance Project is a global, interdisciplinary research network that aims to advance knowledge at the interface between global environmental change and governance. The network connects and mobilizes scholars from the social sciences and humanities researching at local and global scales.

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